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Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) within any built environment has the potential to have a high power usage and is a major part of any buildings infrastructure to ensure thermal comfort and provide controlled areas within a building. Due to the capital outlay and running costs of this equipment, attention must be shown to avoid capital neglect and ensure system efficiency. The HVAC systems within any built environment form part of the critical infrastructure to ensure the buildings thermal comfort, pressurization or exhausting of the spaces; as well as protection of assets against extreme temperatures or humidity and forms the key to excellent indoor air quality.

Total Ventilation and Hygiene Services as the name suggests provides a total turn key solution surrounding HVAC which includes access to TVH’s internal specialist trained staff to provide solutions around ventilation hygiene and indoor air quality. Due to our commitment of providing quality service at competitive pricing TVH offers qualified, focused and dedicated mechanical services which incorporates supply, installation, auditing, maintenance and upgrading of all mechanical plant and equipment.


Inspecting & Reporting    MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

The internal cleanliness condition of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning HVAC systems is no longer “out of site out of mind” thanks to the latest advances in HVAC inspection technology. 

TVH’s remote operated inspection cameras can be used to inspect the internal cleanliness levels of
all HVAC ducts including extended lengths of vertical and horizontal air ducts. The remote operated units along with high definition cameras are used by qualified HVAC Hygiene Inspectors as part of a thorough inspection process to evaluate the internal cleanliness levels of HVAC systems.

The findings from the inspection process are reported in a softcopy format including written evaluations of findings, supporting digital images and analysis results from any biological or fibre sampling.


Air Handling Unit Cleaning    MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

Maintaining the cleanliness of Air Handling Unit components is the key to maintaining ventilation system efficiency. The accumulation of dust and debris on system components such as volume control dampers, coils and filtration can lead to air-flow restrictions and increased energy costs. Corrosion on internal system components such as fans, filter frames etc can also deposit contamination throughout the system. Blocked condensate drains can lead to excessive moisture levels and lead to mould growth within the system.

TVH ensures that all internal surfaces and components within Air Handling Units are accessed and cleaned effectively to optimise operational efficiencies and prolong the life of the system.


Duct Cleaning                          MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

Over time, most heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems will accumulate an internal build up of dust, debris and other foreign contaminates and eventually duct cleaning will be required. This is generally subject to the design, operation and maintenance of the system and contamination can include rust, general dust, mould, bacteria, asbestos, fibreglass, etc.

Contamination within HVAC systems can greatly reduce operational efficiency as well as present a risk to occupant health. TVH use state of the art technology and highly trained staff to undertake the cleaning of all HVAC system components including solid and flexible ducts, internal insulation, turning vanes, attenuators, dampers, cushion heads, grilles etc.

As part of our commitment to quality, many of TVH’s operational staff are Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) USA.


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning      MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

Neglected kitchen exhaust systems can lead to an accumulation of excessive grease and oil, creating a fire hazard as well as reducing the systems operational performance.

TVH provides comprehensive cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems including all hoods, ducts, filters and fans, in order to return each system to its optimum operating efficiency.

To comply with Australian Standards and industry best practice, TVH also provides periodical inspections of kitchen exhaust systems, including detailed reporting and cleanliness certification


Remediation & Protection   MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

With some HVAC Hygiene or 'duct cleaning' projects it is common to find certain hazardous types of contamination within the HVAC system including mould, lead, trace asbestos, synthetic mineral fibres and other biological hazards. Remediation of HVAC systems that contain hazardous contamination requires specialist knowledge, training and sometimes certification. Stringent engineering controls may also be required and implemented during a HVAC remediation project.

Following the remediation of a system affected by hazardous contamination, the internal surfaces and components may require the application of specialised treatments to provide future protection or to prevent recontamination.

TVH continuously researches and sources the most advanced and effective HVAC treatments internationally that provide the best protection possible.


Plant Risk Assessment (AS 3666.4)MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

TVH has introduced new HVAC Audits in compliance with AS/NZS 3666.4:2011 Performance-based maintenance of air-handling systems ducts and components.

AS/NZS 3666.4 outlines a performance-based approach to the maintenance of air-handling systems with respect to the control of microorganisms.

It is an alternative to the prescriptive requirements of AS/NSZ 3666.2 (Clause 2.3.5) for the maintenance of air-handling systems other than those incorporating water-supplied devices (e.g. humidifies & evaporator coils). By following AS/NZS 3666.4 you will also be in compliance with AS/NSZ 3666.2 (Clause 2.3.5).


Mould Remediation MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

Although our name is Total Ventilation Hygiene, the experience we have gained from conducting successful mould remediation of intricate air-conditioning systems enables us to extend these services to entire mould affected buildings and their contents.

Along with our highly trained, qualified and experienced staff, our specialised remediation methods and technologies ensure that TVH are leaders in providing effective and lasting mould remediation solutions.

TVH conducts all mould remediation services in accordance with international best practice guidelines and standards. TVH staff are trained, certified and insured for conducting mould remediation services.

Safety Note: Proper containment and correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are the number one priority during the delivery of mould remediation projects, big or small. Incorrect containment and/or PPE can cause cross contamination issues and create a health risk to employees, building occupants etc. . . .


HVAC Filtration          MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

No HVAC system lasts forever and all components will eventually deteriorate to the point where they will require replacement. Prior to the point where they require replacement, many deteriorated components may still be integral and can be refurbished to greatly extend its life expectancy.

When this is the case, TVH can provide restoration or refurbishment of these deteriorated components extending the life expectancy of the system.

TVH provides restoration and refurbishment services of internal insulation, condensate pans, fans, air handling units, shrouds, door seals, etc.


Cool Room Remediation MechanicalServices borderredpdfWhite

Its is common knowledge that any built environments HVAC System takes up a majority of the power consumption and is a major part of ant buildings infrastructure. This therefore means the required care and attention must be shown to this particular building asset. As far as critical components are concerned for any built environment the heart any building will be found within the HVAC mechanical plant and equipment.

Total Ventilation and Hygiene as the name suggests is a one stop shop when it comes to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) which also includes a 100% owned and operated in house specialised ventilation hygiene offering. Due to our commitment of providing quality service at the best possible price TVH offer qualified, focused and dedicated mechanical services which incorporates supply, installation, auditing, maintenance and upgrading of all mechanical plant and equipment.


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