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TVH have built a successful business over the past twenty years by focusing on customer service.  From our listening to our clients needs we have been able to develop,  implement and now share of some items that have contributed to  TVH’s success and customer service.


Client Portal                             BorderredPDF

The TVH client portal improves our communication process by providing our valued clients with real-time access to all information relating to the clients accounts and dealings with TVH. It is an effective tool that permits TVH’s clients to review and download quotes and access job completion reports. TVH’s client portal provides customers access to current information on their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Buildings Records                   BorderredPDF

Within TVH’s Clint Portal an area has been developed to record works conducted by TVH staff. The completed works are recorded against buildings and/or assets enabling a database to be built. The data base assists TVH clients in making informed decisions about planned and reactive maintenance by providing easy access to history. Building records is exactly that it holds the records of when services were completed with all associated paperwork from completed jobs stored against the related buildings or assets where the works were conducted. Building records also manages all scheduled works conducted by TVH staff; this provides a dashboard which confirms when scheduled works have been completed.

Guidance Documents

Below are some guidance documents that may assist you in making decisions regarding you ventilation systems:


Kitchen Exhaust Systems -
When is cleaning Required?  BorderredPDF

The Australian Standard for Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment requires certain components of a Kitchen Exhaust System to be periodically inspected. As the standard does not define what constitutes “excessive”, the application of this standard relies on the competency of the inspector to make a professional evaluation. In order to over the lack of guidance around “excessive” it is necessary to reference internal best practice standards.